testo 105 kit – one hand thermometer


Testo 105 kit – one hand thermometer (0563 1052)

For spot check measurements in semi-solid goods, in frozen goods and in liquids: make sure you get the testo 105 penetration thermometer in the kit, including standard and frozen goods measuring tip, as well as the long measuring tip. The aluminium case that comes with it enables the items to be securely stored and means they are ready to hand at all times.


Testo 105 kit – one hand thermometer (0563 1052)


–       Developed for hard, practical day-to-day work: robust construction and washable (IP65)

–       Two freely selectable limit values, acoustic and optical alarm when the limit values are exceeded/undershot

–       Certified to EN 13485 and HACCP-compliant

–       Advantage of the kit: One-hand thermometer, including changeable measuring tips and other practical accessories

–       Measuring range: -50°C to +275°C