testo 750-2 voltage tester


Testo 750-2 voltage tester (0590 7502)

With the testo 750-2 voltage tester you can test electrical systems and equipment reliably and easily for voltage or de-energization thanks to the all-round LED display and unique fibre-optic technology. Compared to the testo 750-1, it is also suitable for single pole voltage testing to determine quickly whether conductors are live.


Testo 750-2 voltage tester (0590 7502)


–         Clear, patented all-round LED display

–         With practical torch for measuring point illumination

–          Including RC trigger function and vibrating load buttons

–          In accordance with DIN EN 61243-3:2011 and CAT III

–         Measuring range (AC & DC): 12 to 690V