testo 417 Digital 100mm vane anemometer


Testo 417 Digital 100mm vane anemometer (0563 0417)

The compact 100 mm vane anemometer testo 417 is the ideal solution for simple, fast and precise determination of flow velocity and volume flow at air intake and outlet vents of air conditioning and ventilation systems. Adjustment for balanced residential ventilation or measurement at swirl outlets is also child’s play with the testo 417 kits including funnel and flow straightener.


Testo 417 Digital 100mm Vane Anemometer (0563 0417)


–        Easy, fast and precise measurement of flow, volume flow and temperature at air inlets and outlets.

–        Efficient regulation of balanced residential ventilation and fast documentation with the testo Smart App on your smartphone via bluetooth.

–        Fast in-app configuration, graph history, second screen and measurement data memory in the testo Smart App.

–        Temperature measuring range (NTC): 0°C to +50°C.

–        Velocity measuring range (Vane): 0.3 to 20m/s

–        Volume flow measuring range: 0 to +99999 m³/h