testo 760-2 Digital multimeter


Testo 760-2 (0590.7602) Digital multimeter with the following features

– Automatic parameter detection, eliminates error in application selection

–  Illuminated push button selection instead of dial type

– Illuminated display


– µA current measuring range

– Low pass filter

Voltage measuring range 0.1 mV to 600V AC/DC

Current measuring range 0.1µA to 10 A AC/DC

Resistance measuring range 0.1 to 60 MÛ

Frequency measuring range 0.001 Hz to 30MHz

Capacitance measuring range 0.0001 nF to 30,000 µF

Temp range -20 to = 500C

Display (counts) 6,000

Meauring category CAT IV 600V CAT III 1000V