testo 557 Digital Manifold




For commissioning, service and maintenance; incl. 2 clamp probes, external vacuum probe, batteries, case and calibration protocol

Testo 557 Digital Manifold


–          Blue tooth with free app for iOS and Android smart phones.


–          Can be controlled by your smart phone, data can also be down loaded, saved, and emailed complete with a report template


–          Long term recording also possible with the smart phone


–          4 way manifold, allows you to connect both high and low pressure simultaneously with the vacuum pump and refrigerant bottle


–          Separate vacuum temp compensated vacuum sensor for more accurate evacuation of the system


–          Refrigerants can be updated via app


–          Display super heating and sub cooling in real time


0563 1557 set complete with, 2 temp probes, 4 pack hose set, high precision vacuum sensor, batteries carrying case and calibration protocol                                     PHP 33,365