testo 545 Digital Lux meter


Testo 545 Digital Lux meter (0563 1545)

With the compact Lux meter testo 545, you can measure the illuminance of all common light sources easily, quickly and precisely to ensure productivity, performance and health in workplaces. The testo Smart App supports you with useful functions, e.g. configuration, display (also as second screen) and storage as well as documentation of the measured values directly in the App.


Testo 545 Digital Lux meter (0563 1545)


–        Simple, fast and precise measurement of illuminance (Lux) according to the V-lambda curve for all common light sources

–        Wide range of applications due to LED compatibility (except single-colour blue LED)

–        Fast in-app configuration, graph history, second screen and measurement data memory in the Smartphone via Bluetooth. Testo Smart app that will download on Play Store or apple app store for free.

–        Audible alarm sounds if a limit value is exceeded

–        Light measuring range: 0 to 100000 Lux.