testo 535 Digital CO2 measuring instrument


Testo 535 Digital CO2 measuring instrument (0563 0535)

The compact CO2 measuring instrument testo 535 is ideally suited for simple, fast and precise determination of carbon dioxide content to ensure indoor air quality and thus health and performance. The connection to the testo Smart App enables configuration, display (also as second screen) and storage as well as documentation of the measured values directly in the App.


Testo 535 Digital CO2 measuring instrument (0563 0535)


–        Simple, fast and precise measurement of illuminance (Lux) according to the V-lambda curve for all common light sources

–        High reproducibility of measurement results due to long-term stable infrared sensor technology

–        Fast in-app configuration, graph history, second screen and measurement data memory in the Smartphone via Bluetooth. Testo Smart app that will download on Play Store or apple app store for free.

–        Audible alarm sounds if a limit value is exceeded

–        Ambient CO2 measuring range: 0 to 10000 ppm.