testo 206pH meter


Testo 206pH meter (0563 2061)                                            10 376 PHP

Tetso 206pH meter (0563 2062)                                            17,349 PHP


testo 206-pH1 Starter Set (calibration dosing bottles 250ml pH4 & 7,TopSafe,belt/wall holder and aluminium case)   PHP 17,349.00




The testo 206-pH2 meter allows you to measure the pH value and temperature of semi-solid media safely and reliably. Ideal for laboratories, industrial production processes and food industry.


Sensor type:                  pH electrode        NTC

Measuring range:           0 to 14 pH          0 to 60 °C

Accuracy ±1 digit:           ±0.02 pH           ±0.4 °C