testo 176 H1 Temperature and humidity data logger


Testo 176 H1 Temperature and humidity data logger   (0572 1765)

The data logger testo 176 H1 allows the monitoring of temperature and humidity in warehouses and buildings. With the testo 176 H1, you can examine whether mould in a house or apartment has been caused by insufficient ventilation or by building damage.

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Testo 176 H1 Temperature and humidity data logger   (0572 1765)


–        Continuous measurement and documentation of temperature, relative humidity and dewpoint

–       Record up to two humidity and temperature values simultaneously with optionally connectable probes

–       Unproblematic long-term measurement: large memory for up to 2 million measurement values, 8 years battery life

–        High data security

–        Parallel measurement at two sites

–        Measurement data memory for 2 million measurement values

–        Transfer of measuring data via SD card

–        Monitoring and documentation of building climate

–        Monitoring and documentation of storage temperature and humidity

–        Mould in an apartment: With the temperature and humidity data logger you can find out whether moisture and mould on ceilings and walls are the consequence of building damage or a sign of incorrect ventilation behaviour.

–        Temperature Measuring range : -20C to +70°C

–        Humidity Measuring range :  0 to 100%rH (not for condensing atmosphere)

–        Easy data analysis on the PC with appropriate software:

1. Comsoft Basic software (available as a free download)

2. Comsoft Professional software (can also be ordered as an option) 

3. Comsoft CFR software (can also be ordered as an option)


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