testo 175T3 data logger, 2 external channel temperature


Testo 175T3 Temperature data logger (0572 1753)

The testo 175 T3 temperature logger with its two connections for external thermocouple probes is a good idea when you would like to record your temperatures at two locations in parallel: for example when measuring the flow and return temperature on radiators. The readings are securely saved in the temperature logger and are available for later measurement data analysis and documentation.

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Testo 175T3 Temperature data logger (0572 1753)


–        Practical for frequent and long-term measurements: memory capacity of 1 million readings, up to 3 years’ battery life

–        Very large temperature measuring range from -50 °C to +1 000 °C

–        Including wall bracket

–        Transfer of measuring data via SD card

–        HACCP-compliant, EN 12830 certified, protection class IP 65

–        Easy data analysis on the PC with appropriate software:

1. Comsoft Basic software (available as a free download)

2. Comsoft Professional software (can also be ordered as an option) 

3. Comsoft CFR software (can also be ordered as an option)


* For pricing of the probes for external channel sensor, please contact us directly at: sales@keystone-instruments.com