testo Smart Probes Heating – Set 2.Gen


testo Smart Probes Heating – Set 2.Gen (0563 0004 10)

For heating engineers: Compact kit containing three measuring instruments for carrying out your most important measuring tasks involving heating systems. The testo Smart App enables you to work more easily and efficiently: Use the measurement menus for pressure drop test with alarm function or for non-contact IR temperature measurement with image documentation including measuring value and measurement spot marking. Measurement data reports can be emailed directly as a PDF or Excel file.


testo Smart Probes Heating – Set 2.Gen (0563 0004 10)


–        Non-contact temperature measurement, measurement of flow and return temperature as well as gas flow pressure

–       Measurement menu for pressure-drop test including alarm function

–       Display measurement data as a graph or table and analyze and send via testo Smart App

–       In conjunction with your smartphone/tablet, measure and check all heating system temperatures and pressures