Ready to start monitoring food in compliance with HACCP regulations.

If you’re in the food business, you know how important it is to monitor and maintain proper temperatures for your products. The testo 174T data logger is an excellent tool for continuous temperature monitoring, ensuring that your storage temperatures stay within the required limits. With a high-precision NTC thermistor sensor, you can trust that the recorded data is accurate and reliable. The large display shows the current temperature and alerts you if it exceeds the specified limits, so you can take immediate action if necessary. Plus, the testo 174T is HACCP compliant, meaning it meets the strict safety guidelines set for food businesses. With the free data logger software available for download, you can easily analyze and manage the recorded data to ensure you’re meeting all safety standards. Don’t risk the safety and quality of your food products – choose the testo 174T data logger for peace of mind and confidence in your temperature monitoring. Learn more at https://keystone-instruments.com or call 0917 822-4194 or email us at sales@keystone-instruments.com.